COVID-19 Plans for Volunteers

During Rehearsals

·         We will be rehearsing out of doors – this will keep the probability of spreading germs down

·         Actors will wear masks during early rehearsals and graduate to shields once blocking is set


·         Each performer will have a specific section of the stage as a “home” where their props will be placed.

·         No one will touch another’s props or costumes or set pieces.

·         Actors will speak predominately downstage, towards the audience and not towards each other.

·         We will work “gloves” into the costumes to keep the spread of germs down.

·         The actors will never touch each other. Period.

·         The actors will always be 6’ apart onstage.


·         Any crew working will need to wear masks and rubber gloves as they may touch articles/props being used by another

·         The actors will come to the performance space in costume and makeup to alleviate issues with sanitizing the dressing area.

·         In the dressing area, we will need 6 stations placed 6’ apart – one for each actor

·         Immediately following the performance the actors will get back into masks before greeting anyone

Everything will need to be sanitized before each rehearsal and each performance.