Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide opportunities for the Oxford, University, and Lafayette County communities to create and engage with theater and other performance arts.


We believe in the power of drama and storytelling to unite and elevate a community. Our vision is to provide performing arts exposure to the adults, youth, and children of the Oxford, University of Mississippi, and greater Lafayette County areas. We seek to collaborate with a diverse range of professionals and amateurs to offer opportunities to learn, create, and perform. As such, we develop educational workshops, production experiences, and performance opportunities using both original and previously published plays, storytelling, readings, poetry, and other dramatizations. We seek to engage the leadership, creativity, and cultural potential of all communities in our area.


Theatre Oxford is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors. All donations are tax deductible. All funds are directed toward the mission and vision of the organization.

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