Theatre Oxford’s COVID-19 Response

With the increased risk of large gatherings, including live theatre performances, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Theatre Oxford is paying attention to the numbers of new cases in our Lafayette-Oxford-University area and adapting to bring theater to our community in new and different ways.

Each of our productions will be planned with several possible outcomes during the span of this pandemic. In addition to implementing layers of precautions in the rehearsal and production process to keep our actors and staff safe and socially distanced, we have plans for how our productions might appear.

The first, and hoped-for, outcome is that we are able to produce live shows for small socially-distanced audiences, where hand-sanitizer is provided before and after the show and our audiences remain masked. The second potential outcome is that we film our actors performing live on-stage and stream that performance via Facebook or another platform. The third potential outcome is that we film our actors separately or do a live digital reading of a show, with actors at their own homes, and stream this performance via Facebook or another platform.

Whatever route we take for each show will be adapted to the situation in the LOU area, so that we can make sure everyone involved–from hard-working actors to talented creative staff to enthusiastic audiences–are safe, healthy, and creatively engaged!

COVID-19 Plans for Volunteers