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Creating Community One Production at a Time

For 25 years, Theatre Oxford has been run by passionate volunteers who are dedicated to making theater welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone in the Oxford, University of Mississippi, and Lafayette County area.

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The 2022 Ten-Minute Play Contest

Thanks to the many people who have submitted plays for the 10-minute play contest! It looks like many more want to submit. We’ve extended the deadline to the end of August 15, 2022. More details here.

Hoka Days Fringe Festival

Theatre Oxford will present two, original, short plays on August 27th at the Powerhouse at 6 pm & 7:30 pm! Mama’s Flowerbed by local writer, LaToya Faulk, explores the culture gap between siblings and their understandings of place. Mr. Patterson’s Aborted Flight by Charlie Finesilver fantasizes what it would be like to get rid of the person sitting next to you on a plane who will not stop talking! Learn more here.

Meet the Playwrights!

LaToya Faulk and Charlie Finesilver, the playwrights for the 10-minute plays Theatre Oxford will feature for the Hoka Days, will be available between shows from 6:30-7:30 on August 27 at the Powerhouse. They look forward to meeting you!


Another Side of Tennessee Williams will feature four of Williams’ short plays with a bit more humor or commentary. Learn more here.


Barefoot in the Park

Mississippi Repertory Theatre, Mississippi’s newest professional theatre, presents Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, August 21, at the Powerhouse. The touring production comes from The Coliseum Theatre in Corinth, MS featuring Albert Gant and Ebony Campbell. Learn more!

Theatre Oxford featured on MPB

Heartbreak Henry: The Show Must Go On, a documentary by Michael Fagans, will air on MPB on Sunday, August 7 at 3 pm; Tuesday, August 9 at 2 pm; Friday, August 12 at 7:30 pm. The film features Theatre Oxford’s production of The Heartbreak Henry by David Sheffield.
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Great Membership Kickoff!

Thanks to all for making our Membership Kickoff Party a success! Our membership drive continues, so you can still join us! See picture gallery here!

Acting Classes for Adults through YAC

Acting and Improv classes, taught by Anubis Improv founder David James Hamilton and Rhes, are being offered August, September, and October through Yoknapatawpha Arts Council. More details here.