About Us

Building Community One Play at a Time

Since 1996, Theatre Oxford has been run by passionate volunteers who are dedicated to making theatre welcoming, accessible and enjoyable. We believe in the special ability of theater to bring diverse people together for enrichment and fun.

Behind the curtain and on stage, you’ll find accomplished professionals, dedicated hobbyists and brave newbies all working together to produce shows to make audiences think, laugh, cry, and celebrate. Theatre Oxford is committed to developing new works, producing known works, and creating community through and around theatre arts. Come play with us! We look forward to seeing in the audience, backstage or onstage.


Theatre Oxford provides opportunities for the Oxford, University, and Lafayette County communities to create and engage with theater and other performance arts.


Theatre Oxford believes in the power of drama and storytelling to unite and elevate a community. Our vision is to provide performing arts exposure to the adults, youth, and children of the Oxford, University of Mississippi, and greater Lafayette County areas. We seek to collaborate with a diverse range of professionals and amateurs to offer opportunities to learn, create, and perform. As such, we develop educational workshops, production experiences, and performance opportunities using both original and previously published plays, storytelling, readings, poetry, and other dramatizations. We seek to engage the leadership, creativity, and cultural potential of all communities in our area.


Theatre Oxford is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors. All donations are tax deductible. All funds are directed toward the mission and vision of the organization.

Board of Directors

Kate Hooper


David James Hamilton Vice President of the Board of Theatre Oxford 2023_2024

David James Hamilton

Vice President

Rene Pulliam


Madison Hickey-Riker, Secretary of the Board of Theatre Oxford production year 2023_2024

Madison Hickey-Riker


Photo of Effie Burtr, Officer of Diversity and Community Engagement, Board of Theatre Oxford, production years 2022_2023_2024,

Effie Burt

Community Engagement

Image of Jennifer Mizenko, 10-Minute Play Coordinator, Theatre Oxford, production years 2022_2023_2024

Jennifer Mizenko

Festival Coordinator

Photo of Joseph B. Atkins, Member of the Board of Theatre Oxford 2023_2024 season

Joseph B. Atkins

Public Relations Director

Photo of Joseph B. Atkins, Member of the Board of Theatre Oxford 2023_2024 season

Marta Dees


Photo of Joseph B. Atkins, Member of the Board of Theatre Oxford 2023_2024 season

Barbara Wortham




Chair: Carrie White, Adam Davis, Terri Hovious, Rene Pulliam, Paula Stack, Nathanial Stack

Community Engagement

Effie Burt (Chair), Elliott Bexley, Connor King, Barbara Wortham


Rene Pulliam and Kate Hooper


David James Hamilton (chair), Kate Hooper

Play Selection

Naomi Levin (chair), Jackie Daniels, Julie Fanton, Kate Meacham, Gail Tapscott, Barbara Wortham


Julie Fanton (chair), Adam Davis

Public Relations

Joe Atkins (chair), Mac McMullum, Melissa Pedron, Keith Schrum, Carmen Stein


Kate Hooper and Jennifer Mizenko

Ongoing COVID-19 Response