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Graphic for The Old People are Revolting, Theatre Oxford 2024

The Old People are Revolting


Sunday, March 10 (2pm)

Oxford Public Library Meeting Room

Monday, March 11 (5pm)

Oxford Public Library Theatre Room

401 Bramlett Blvd., Oxford MS

Cast consists of four female retirees, 55+, two male retirees, 55+, and one female reporter, 20s-30s.

Scroll down for info & instructions.

About the Play

A mad cap comedy sparked by a town council decision to eliminate senior discounts on utilities. Retirees at Sunshine Village rally and take some radical actions to protect their rights!

About In-Person Auditions

The director will be meeting each auditioner (one at a time) for a quick meet and greet. If anybody has gone above and beyond and prepared a monolog, he will be happy to watch during. Then the director will have groups of people read select scenes. You can see the scenes (or sides) that will be used HERE. To learn more about the plays and roles available, scroll down to the Casting Breakdown section.

You are not required to prepare anything, but if you are uncomfortable with cold readings, you may wish to prepare to read the sides for your peferred roles/shows.

About Video Auditions

If you cannot make the in-person auditions at the Powerhouse, please create and submit an audition video by March 11 @ 6 PM. If you do not have a scene partner for sides (linked above), then you may record a monolog. You may use your own or one from this monolog list. Then follow the bullet instructions below.

  • Fill out our Audition Form.
  • Record a monolog or a scene from the sides provided under “what to prepare.”
  • Provide a link to your audition video at the end of the form.
  • If you have difficulty, send a document version of your audition form and a link to your audition video to

Time Commitment

Rehearsals are currently scheduled for March 24-27, April 1st-3rd, 7th-10th, and 14th-18th in the evenings. We will have three shows on the March 19th (dinner theatre) and March 20th (matinee and evening shows). Rehearsal schedule will be solidified once the show is cast. Expect to rehearse 3-6 hours per week.

Casting Breakdown

All genders, all abilities, and all ethnicities encouraged to audition.

Cast consists of four female retirees, 55+, two male retirees, 55+, and one female reporter, 20s-30s.

Patricia: Resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. Patricia has an air of education and sophistication about her that is unmatched by the other residents. She has led the other residents to believe she was a District Court Judge when in fact she was a Clerk of the Court. Dreams of being in charge of a landmark court case.

Howie: Resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. Former car salesman. A little crass and on the lookout for some fun. He sees himself as somewhat of a ladies’ man but unfortunately the ladies could not be less interested in him. He has a son. Never married. Looking for love.

Shirley: Resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. Suffering from the effects of drugs and wild living of the 1960’s making her quick tempered, rather dramatic and erratic. For some reason only known to herself she steals mail and makes copies for her files. Her claim to fame is her union role in the 1968 textile workers lockout. Looking for one last opportunity to “stick it to the man”.

Peggy: Resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. Former seamstress for a suit manufacturer. Peggy is a kind, gentle and insightful woman who is never separated from her latest cross-stitch project. Looking for company.

Doug: Newest resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. Recently and reluctantly retired from his farm after his wife passed away. He hates the retirement Village because there is nothing to do… everything works so there is nothing to fix. Looking for something to do.

Elizabeth: Resident of the Sunshine Retirement Village. The oldest character by quite a margin. She is suffering from the onset of dementia and is only able to remain living independently at the Village through the assistance of the other residents.

Ashley Hardwick: Reporter for a local television station. Looking for her big break into national prime time television. Self-serving, condescending, who despite her contempt for the elderly can’t help herself from eventually liking the residents of the Sunshine Retirement Village.

Photo of Audience

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